The term solipsism comes from Latin, solus means alone and ipse means self. Solipsism is the philosophical idea or perceptions of those who believe that a person’s own mind is the only definite thing that exists. Whereas everything else in the universe from galaxies to other people’s minds are just imaginations.


Since solipsists regard everybody and everything except themselves are real. Therefore when a solipsist is talking to anybody, that person is telling everybody that he or she is insane for talking to something unreal. Also all banks should not approve any loan to solipsists, because they will regard banks as something imaginary and will use that as an excuse not to pay.

When we accuse a person of being self-centered or selfish, it means that person will only care about his or her own interests. Therefore the only major difference between a true solipsist and a self-centered person is the latter won’t regard others as imagination. Other than that, both will probably behave the same way. Because why should solipsists trouble themselves to treat others with kindness and love when they think all of them are not real? Imagine if all the leaders in the world beginning to accept solipsism, how soon do you think the earth will fall apart?


Posted April 24, 2012 by Logic

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