Hard Habit To Break
Why don’t pantheists tell us that they believe nature created everything instead of stealing the word God from creationists and turning it into their own ideology? Just call a spade a spade.

The word Pantheism derives from the Greek (pan) meaning “all” and the Greek (theos) meaning “God”. As such, Pantheism denotes the idea that “God” is best seen as a process of relating to the Universe.

In layman’s terms Pantheism means the belief of the entire universe and all living things were created by nature which is known as God. The God of Pantheism isn’t alive, it doesn’t punish nor posses any superpowers like the God of creationism. The problem with Pantheism is, it confuses itself with the terminology of God which doesn’t exist. Pantheists should apply the word nature to replace God.

Sadly our entire civilization is too deluded by the ideology of God. So much that even different ideology like Pantheism needed to borrow the word “God”. This phenomena shows how destructive creationism is to human minds.

Some believe that the late Albert Einstein was a pantheist because he used God many times in his statements. To Einstein, God is defined as nature but never a deity who is addicted to barbecue his creations in hell. For those who believe Einstein believed in God. Please refer to Einstein’s quotes in bashing his own Jewish faith. Do not behave like parrots by repeating what you were told.

The differences between Pantheism and Buddhism

In case if you believe Buddhism is close or similar to Pantheism. This is a terrible mistake. Because according to Pantheism, nature created all living things. But in Buddhism our minds create the entire universe including nature and all living things. And the entire surroundings and our minds are interfering with each other all the time. We’ll discuss more about Buddhism in future, just stay tuned.


Since we have proven our lives won’t end after death and our souls continue to live after we die here. Therefore if nature comes before all living things. Pantheists will still have to explain how our souls started. Darwinian theory of evolution won’t explain anything about souls.


Maybe all suicide bombers and the Pope should stop their hard work which do nothing good but slowing down the process of mankind solving the origin of life. If only none of them are deluding innocents anymore by their idiocies, mankind will have excessive time to explore the purpose of life without any helps from any spokesperson of God. Also any form of killing stupidly in the name of any God will   only happen in comedy shows. This is the power of wisdom. It transforms idiocy into entertainment.


Posted March 22, 2012 by Logic

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