Creationists believe in God even only some of their prayers finally came true. They’re too afraid to know the God whom they worship isn’t all powerful to answer all the prayers all the time. Therefore they choose to ignore facts which against the faith and continuously mistaking supernatural as God just because they feel more comfortable in doing so. Many religions which depend on prayers and supernatural are very common in Asia. But most of them have nothing related to creator. There is nothing special about all of them.

No, God/creator doesn’t exist at all. Or I’m not sure, it seems improbable for God to exist.


You quote “No, God/creator doesn’t exist at all. “

Although you’ve got it right, but as long as you don’t believe in supernatural and more leaning towards atheism. Then you will be deceived by the faith when you experience supernatural someday. Haven’t we had enough of testimonies from ex-atheists? The new coverts are so anxious to tell the whole world how true God is to them by now and that they were wrong for not believing in God. However none of them could explain why the God whom they believe would allow crimes but they won’t.

Therefore it’s very important for everybody to get the facts right instead of baselessly denying. To irrationally deny what others believe won’t make theirs factual. What separates ignorance and wisdom is rational thinking.

You quote “I’m not sure, it seems improbable for God to exist.”

Apparently the reason why you are not sure about the topic is either you are still partially believing in God or you have no idea what it’s about. That’s why you can’t be absolutely certain about why God is impossible to exist. We suggest you to explore the site thoroughly. Let us take you through the journey of awakening from the God delusions. The logic is so simple, either God is absolutely real or totally nonsensical. There is no such thing as partially real and partially fake God. How can God sometimes be real and most of the time isn’t? This is absolutely absurd and definitely illogical. If there is just one reason for God to be fake, he will remain as fake as ever.

For creationists who never get bored to share with us why God is real to them because they believe he has answered some of the prayers. These people must also explain why such a God will allow crimes from the beginning when none of us would. Moreover, they should also rationally analyse why the same God couldn’t be real to the dead victims of disasters but only to them.

Isn’t it obvious that the belief of God is too inconsistent to be factual? Besides, even if supernatural is true, and yet there is no reason for us to mistake it as God. In other words, in order for God to be real, there shouldn’t be contradictory explanations for his existence. If creationists fail in any way to camouflage God with absurdities, they should leave nonsense alone and let civilization progresses wisely and peacefully.

Narcotic Faith
Blind faith attacks the brain like virus and destroys its functionality until beyond repair. All the suicide bombers and terrorists prove it right.

Narcotic Faith

Creationism/Theism/Deism can be as addictive as drugs. Once the believers are addicted to the belief of having a creator to protect them as long as they keep the faith strong and follow strictly to the book. Some will do everything they could to defend the faith including flying planes into buildings or selling the religions from door to door. The former are dangerous, they destroy others and themselves vigorously. As for Christians who aren’t necessary stupid people but are too deeply addicted to the faith are often those who believe some of their prayers are answered occasionally. Although not all of their prayers are satisfactorily answered all the time, but it’s more than enough to deceive them from the truth. Even if there is somehow some spirits who posses the power of granting wishes to the believers. And yet none of them are God.

Optical illusion may have the power to fool ordinary eyes but certainly not the logical brains. This is true when the above red dot which is actually located in the exact center of the horizontal line but appears much towards the left. Why argue when you could measure the truth. What is false can’t be factual no matter how true it seems. And what is totally nonsensical can never be wise even though some want it to be.

The supernatural encounters of the creationists are the main reason why these people become completely addicted to prayers to confront the challenge of life. As a result the believers beginning to loose the self-confidence they once possessed. That will explain why they tend to ignore facts which against the faith. They are too narcotic in faith and it’s hard for them to quit. Not until their lives are completely destroyed, just as drugs did to addicts.


The main purpose of us is to disprove the existence of God in layman’s terms. If you haven’t explored all of them yet, please do so before you leave. When creationism is proven wrong, does it make atheism factual? The answer is no. Both creationism and atheism are false and dangerous to mankind. Just click on “Atheism” to understand why.

Lastly please don’t forget to share this site with the people you know particularly Christians and atheists. Write to us and tell us what you feel about here. We welcome everybody to prove us wrong and appreciate if you could correct our mistakes.


Posted March 27, 2012 by Logic

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