Religious Yoga
To bend the body and stress the muscles are always good for health. However to bend all the rules to fit the faith is never good for the mind. Why fool yourself with something you knew is too absurd to believe?

Because to kill the Jews would prevent them from forsaking God. But after they died, God sent them to heaven.


You quote “Because to kill the Jews would prevent them from forsaking God.”

Will you allow anybody to kill your loved ones because you don’t want them to forsake you? Of course you won’t if you aren’t insane. It shows you are wiser than the God whom you worship to.

And also, base on your statement, you’ve confirmed the following statements ;

– God is not all-powerful. Because if God is all-powerful he could have had figured out some absolutely peaceful solutions to prevent the Jews from forsaking him.

– God is not all-wise. Because it was utterly insane and barbaric of God to prevent the Jews from forsaking him by killing them with Hitter.

Bending All The Rules
The creationists are so afraid of truth, because it hurts them so much. They force themselves to believe in God just because it’s comfortable to believe there is an all-powerful God to protect them from all sorts of problems as long as they keep the faith strong. Therefore their sub-conscious minds will avoid them from anything that will go against the faith including knowing the truth. 
But once these people realize they were deceived by the ideology and it’s nothing but a sham, there is no turning back. That should explain why the apostates are often those who fight the faith far more vigorously than any other nonbelievers.

– God is not all merciful. Undeniably all killings are the opposite of mercifulness. If God loves his creations, he wouldn’t want anybody to kill them with anything. Just as much as you won’t allow anybody to kill your loved ones.

– God is not all-knowing. Because if he already knew the Jews would forsake him from the beginning, he wouldn’t be created them in the first place.

– Hitler was working for God base on your statement. Because there is nothing wrong for Hitler to kill the Jews with gas chamber. It was God’s will. He wanted the Jews killed in that manner. God sent Hitler as a prophet to massacre 6 millions of Jews on behalf of himself. Since Hitler had successfully accomplished his missions, by now he should be enjoying his stay with God in the heaven.

If you can’t accept any of the above, how could the argument support the existence of God? None of the above  supports God for being all-powerful, all merciful and all-wise. Why contradict your own holy book? If your statement is true, why is it so easy for us to debunk? Obviously what is false won’t become true no matter how bad you want it to be. When we assume what you say is true, none of them justify the characteristic of the creator. Because of that, God remains as fake as ever.


In case some of the creationists just won’t get bored quoting from the holy book about God gave Jews the freewill to forsake him. We shouldn’t reject such an amusement. Because if God did allow the Jews to forsake him by giving them the freewill, then he couldn’t be bothered whereas the Jews will burn his book to keep warm or use it creatively in other purposes except for reading.

Neither would God care to send a maniac like Hitler to kill the Jews knowing that by doing so wouldn’t help to convince more believers but would make his reputation worse than it already is.

Honestly, why would God care whether the Jews would or wouldn’t believe in him if he’d already given them the freewill to choose what they want to believe? Who is lying, you, the writers of the holy book, or both?

You quote “But after they died, God sent them to heaven.”

If this is true, again it shows God is not all-powerful for not being able to figure out a peaceful way of sending the Jews to heaven without sacrifices  or bloodshed. Also it sounds absurd for God to take all the trouble to send the Jews to heaven when he could have had created the Jews to be faithful to him from the beginning. If the Jews went to heaven because of Hitler and it was God’s will for allowing the atrocities. Then Hitler was doing the Jews a great favor. Therefore all the Jews should thank Hitler and regard him as a savior just as much as they worship God.

Be careful of what you bend, it’ll reverse the entire civilization of mankind to stone age.

For the sake of argument, if what Hitler did was righteous and justified in the name of God, then there are no evil persons and criminals in the world. Who could be more evil than Hitler?

This will happen to creationists who take the holy book so seriously that they actually believe by killing others in the name of God is absolutely holy and righteous. Do you agree by now believing in God is dangerous? It encourages more and more sick people like suicide terrorists, David Koresh and Jim Jones to do evil in the name of God.


How could anybody agree that by killing others brutally is for the purpose of sending them to heaven? This is totally insane and utterly absurd to even think about it for a second. How many believers will actually kill their own children who forsake them? How could anybody condone killing and compassion at the same time if it isn’t preposterous to believe so. We believe most people have no problem to judge sensibly. Therefore no matter how hard the creationists keep bending all the facts to justify the holy books and hoping that by doing so they won’t have to face the reality of no God. They will only succeed in making us laugh out loud but nothing more. That will explain why creationism is suitable for stand up comedy.


Posted March 27, 2012 by Logic

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