Crop Circle
Some believe it was created by aliens. Although we don’t really believe that, however we can’t prove nor disprove it. If one of the crop circle is proven created by human, does it make the rest of them fake? The answer is no, it only proves humans are capable to create one. Furthermore it’s normal for creationists to deny the existence of ET and UFO but have no problem to believe an all-knowing God would still need to conduct further test on his creations. It seems that these people tend to deny and believe baselessly. These are the symptoms of religious indoctrination. It’s deadly and incorrigible.

Because God was testing the Jews. It was a test for them.


If God exists and it was true that he was testing the Jews by killing them with monster like Hitler, then God wasn’t sure about the Jews further more he is definitely insane. It shows he is not all-knowing nor all-merciful at all as depicted in the holy books. Because if God is all-knowing he would have known everything about Jews, therefore there isn’t any purpose for him to test anybody or anything anymore.

True Lies
If you’ll save your children from danger no matter where they are, so must God if he exists. Otherwise it’s TRUE, God is only a bunch of LIES.

Test contradicts with all-knowing. At school, teachers are testing the students with examinations. Because teachers are not all-knowing. They aren’t sure how much the students have learnt. If teachers are all-knowing, surely they knew everything including how the student have learnt and won’t be wasting time to test them anymore.

The same thing applies to all the scientific researches. Scientists are testing their experiments because they aren’t sure about their studies. If scientists are all-knowing then it isn’t necessary for them to waste money and time to conduct any more scientific experiments.

Besides will any parents would want to test their own children by sending a psycho to kill them? Surely many parents will get offended by such an insane question. By the same token if nobody would ever want to do that to their children, why would God wanted to do such a crazy thing if this isn’t a lie?


Obviously the writers of the holy books had nothing but wishful thinking in their minds. As a result, the holy books are terribly contradictory than any fairytale ever told. The idea of having an all-knowing God to test his creation is simply too idiotic to even believe partially. Because if nobody would want to test their own children with killer like Hitler to see if they could escape from the gas chambers, neither would God if such a mythical character exists.

If you won’t do anything which you believe your God would do. Inevitably you are indeed much more wiser and far more humane than the God whom you worship to. If God exists, you should be his role model. Do you understand that by now why we have every reason to send all the holy books to the recycle centers instead of keeping them on the shelves?

This is one of the gas chamber built by the Nazis to massacre the Jews in World War II. Will you build one to test your children? If you won’t then you are more humane than God provided if he exists. Because of that, God should worship you.


Posted March 27, 2012 by Logic

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