Humor may fight depression, but the least to do with truth. People don’t take jokes so seriously that they’ll fly planes into buildings. Except for religious motivated creationists.

Because God didn’t know Hitler would kill the Jews while he created him.


In order to prove the scriptures of any holy books are contradictory all the time. We created this page for the sake of argument. Frankly we don’t think a true creationist will end up here. Because none of them will believe the God whom they worship daily isn’t all-knowing. They’ll force themselves to believe God must be all-knowing and all-wise regardless of how contradictory it seems.

However for those who don’t really understand much about the characters of God, please patiently browse through all. If it is true that God didn’t know Hitler would kill the Jews while he created him, then God is not all-knowing. An all-knowing God should know everything about Hitler from the beginning. He should have known what Hitler would or wouldn’t do before or after he created him. Otherwise, he can’t be the creator and everything about him is a hoax.

If God exists. He should be all-merciful (or at least more merciful than any one of us) and would never ever allow anybody including Hitler to do evil. Only ignorant and absolutely foolish people will believe that it was actually God who gave Hitler the freewill to “mercifully” massacre the Jews. If only God exists and this is true then God himself must be crazy and terribly sick. Any one of us is certainly better than him. Again such character is contradictory to an all-wise and all-merciful God. Therefore the presence of any evil monster such as Hitler is more than enough to disprove the existence of any God in whatsoever names.

Drug Trafficking vs Creationism

Between drug trafficking and creationism, which one is more dangerous to mankind? The answer is of course the latter. Because everybody is aware of drug trafficking, nobody supports crimes. However very few are aware of the danger caused by creationism. Practically nothing prohibits such a dangerous and highly contagious faith from poisoning gullible minds to do evil. From the histories of Dark Ages and all the holy wars to the recent terrorism acts, the damages caused by creationism are far more devastating than drug has ever done to mankind.

The Laughing Cat
It’s meant for creationists. 


Just for the sake of arguments, let’s assume the existence of God is somehow possible and he didn’t realize Hitler will turn into a monster from the beginning when he created him. But don’t you think the so-called all-powerful God would have had enough time to stop the holocaust before Hitler was sending the Jews to the deadly gas chambers by troops?

If you try to argue with freewill again. Just ask yourself will you give freewill to anybody to kill your loved ones? If you won’t then you are more humane than the God whom you worship to. You should demand God to worship you.

From Cat With Love


Posted March 27, 2012 by Logic

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