Illusionary Faith
For a merciful God to love and hate his creations at the same time is as impossible as optical illusion. Don’t you think it’s silly for an all-wise God to create something for himself to dislike from the beginning? Was he too free or insane?

Because God hated the Jews.


If God exists, he must be all-knowing and all-wise. If he hated the Jews, then he wouldn’t be created the Jews as he claimed he did in the holy books. Because if he did create the Jews, he would have known from the beginning that he will hate them and wouldn’t create any. Do you have to be smarter than rocket scientist to realize this cannot be true? Of course not. Therefore those who believe God hated the Jews are indirectly denying the existence of an all-knowing God. They don’t really believe their own scriptures.

Even if God can’t be all-knowing and yet he wouldn’t need to hate the Jews nor anybody. Because how can a merciful God hated his own creation so much that he had to eliminate them in such an insane manner? Hate and all sorts of killings contradict with mercifulness and love. Base on your own logic, God is undeniably a hoax. If your scriptures introduce God as a merciful creator, you know it is a nonsense.

Besides, will parents hire killers like Hitler to gas their own children just because they hate them so much? Definitely not, only parents suffer from mental disorder will behave so. These parents are the least merciful and caring person on earth. Therefore if nobody will ever commit such a cold-blooded atrocities against their loved ones, neither would God if he does exist.


Obviously no matter how hard the apologists try to defend the faith, they only succeed to contradict themselves over and over again. Instead of proving the God whom they believe is factual, merciful and all-knowing. They ironically endorse the madness and gruesome verses from the book.

Since no parents would hate their own children so much that they have to hire killers to kill them, neither would God if he exists. Therefore as long as killers and criminals exist everywhere, there won’t be God nor any creator. This is how we disprove God in layman’s terms. We’re indeed much much more better and far more humane than the God as depicted in any holy books. So why worship something worse than us?


Posted March 27, 2012 by Logic

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