Does Cruel Kindness exist?
If an all-wise and all merciful God does exist, he should be intelligent enough to guide his creations instead of practicing death punishment. Otherwise either he is no God but some kind of evil spirit or an imaginary creature created by impostors to fool gullible people. Cruel kindness is as impossible as intelligent idiot.

Because God wanted to punish the Jews. The Jews had offended God.


If God exists and he did create the Jews then did God know from the beginning that he would be offended by them? Also did God know he would punish them later if he did give them the freewill to do so from the beginning?

If your answer is yes because you believe God is all-knowing. Why did God allow the Jews to offend him from the beginning but later he punished them with demon like Hitler in the gas chambers? What’s wrong with God? If this isn’t a terrible lie to bend the faith, what else could it be?

If your answer is no, then you don’t believe God is all-knowing whereby this is contradictory to the character of a creator to exist.

Either way, based on your statements, the God whom you believe is impossible to be all-knowing. Therefore how could God exist?

If God allowed Hitler to punish the Jews cruelly then …

First of all, the punishment is cold-blooded, cruel and insane, it contradicts with the character of an all merciful creator. Nobody will punish their own children by killing them with gas chamber, if God exists neither would he. Therefore this statement has disproved the existence of God by itself.

Secondly, the statement justifies Hitler’s satanic behaviour in torturing the Jews. You have inevitably agreed that Hitler was sent by God to massacre the Jews with gas chambers. Therefore it wasn’t the fault of Hitler to kill the Jews for it was all God’s will. Also Hitler was only doing the dirty job on behalf of God. And that made Hitler a divine being or prophet. For that reason, Hitler should be living in heaven happily with God by now and couldn’t be burning in Hell. If this is what you believe, then your faith is no better than any satanic cult.

Thirdly, when the above is true, all the dead drug dealers, killers and terrorists are indeed working for God to punish us on earth. Because who could be more evil than Hitler for killing 6 millions of Jews? As the matter of fact, all the criminals should be sharing the same joy with Hitler side by side in heaven by now. If Hitler deserved no punishment in Hell neither should anybody. Otherwise if God exists and he did create Hitler and all of us, how could God allow such a madness? No matter how we explain the event of holocaust with the existence of God, it’s always as humorous as comedy.

If God exists and all-knowing, surely he knows a better and much more peaceful and wiser manner to educate the Jews instead of punishing them with a maniac like Hitler with gas chambers. Whoever practises this on their own children are definitely insane and schizophrenic. These parents should be sentenced to life imprisonment. As long as evil character like Hitler ever existed, God becomes a hoax.


Mean or Merciful?
If God kills his creation because he is offended by them, then he isn’t all merciful but mean and cruel. Therefore it isn’t possible for a merciful God to exist when there are enough of killers in the world.

It’s obvious that what is false can’t be true. No matter how the apologists bend all the facts to suit the faith, it won’t work. But instead it makes their arguments hilarious and absurd. If God does exist why would he want to create the Jews whom he knew very well will offend him from the beginning and then he chose to punish them later with Hitler? Is God insane or silly? Or somebody created him to deceive gullible people? Which one do you think is more likely to be factual?

If there is a God, definitely he would never want anything bad to ever happen to anyone of us. Nor would he be ignorantly created insane creature like Hitler to kill anybody. Therefore it is impossible for God to create Hitler, drug dealers and killers to harm the rest of his creations. This world should be a better place to live if God does exist. Otherwise the whole idea about God is only a big hoax, a lie or some bad jokes.

If you go on to argue that God wanted to test his creations first before he decides who deserve the stay in heaven. This is contradictory again, because if God knows everything then he wouldn’t need to test anybody anymore. Test contradicts with omniscience or all-knowing.

At school, teachers test the students with examinations. Because they aren’t all-knowing. They aren’t sure how much the students have learnt. If the teachers are all knowing then they won’t be wasting time to test the students anymore.

Also at the laboratory, scientists need to conduct testing on their experiments because they aren’t sure about they new findings. If scientists are all-knowing then there isn’t necessary for them to waste money and time to conduct any scientific test.

What is false can’t be true and what is absurd can never be wise. This statement stands until the end of time.


Posted March 27, 2012 by Logic

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