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If Jesus did succeed in his mission to die for our sins, then Hitler whom massacred the Jews in World War II must be as sinless as all the criminals in the whole world. Because if the Bible tells the truth and God exists, there was no reason for Jesus and God to fail in the mission. Otherwise the death of Jesus couldn’t be divine but just another gruesome murder.

Because God gave Hitler the freewill to decide what he wanted to do. God didn’t want to intervene in Hitler’s life, nor did he want to force Hitler to obey him. By doing so, it would be unfair to Hitler. Besides, God didn’t want Hitler to live like a robot.


You quote “Because God gave Hitler the freewill to decide what he wanted to do.”

If God gave Hitler the freewill to decide what he wanted to do? Then God didn’t know what Hitler will choose with the given freewill and God himself isn’t all-knowing. The reason why we let others to choose freely is because we don’t know what they might choose. We aren’t all knowing nor all-powerful. If we already knew what others will choose then there is no need for them to choose anything anymore.

For instance, if you are absolutely sure that your friend will choose a cup of coffee instead of tea, then you won’t be offering him/her tea. If you’re still asking whether he/she prefers coffee or tea, then you aren’t sure about his/her choice.

Bare in mind, the example of coffee and tea is sensible and logical. But if you go on to argue by offering a cup of dog urine and a cup of tea to your friend. You know for sure he/she will choose tea instead of dog urine. And you are using this to argue that even if we already knew about the choice and yet the freedom to choose is available.

This is absurd and absolutely illogical. Because you don’t offer any choice to your friend. Nobody will choose dog urine. Therefore there isn’t any choice for him/her to choose. Besides, why would you give your friend dog urine to choose when you already knew he/she won’t be fond of it? Therefore example as such fails to prove anything.

Here is a simple test onto yourself. Will you give freewill to your children to gas innocent people or to commit crimes? Of course you won’t, only sick parents will allow that. This is to prove that you are wiser and more humane than the God whom you worship to. Ironically if God exists, he should learn from you about humanity and worship you instead of the other way around.

Also to believe that God gave Hitler the freewill to kill innocent Jews is indirectly admitting that the God whom you believe isn’t all merciful but instead behaving the opposite of love and merciful. If God is real and he loves everybody including the Jews then he wouldn’t be doing nothing when Hitler was killing the Jews. God should instead immediately stop Hitler before he did more harm to anybody. Otherwise the belief of God is just as fake as those who still believing in Santa Claus. This should explain why there wasn’t any sign of God during the holocaust. The massacre had disproved God, clearly and undeniably.

Imagine you have children who always against your will. They insult you, say bad things about you, deny you as their parents. But when they get into troubles will you help them? Of course you would and surely you won’t be giving freewill to anybody to kill nor hurt them. Nor would you be foolishly giving your children the freewill to die helplessly. Base on such logic, if God exists surely he wouldn’t be allowing freewill for anybody to harm anybody at all. Therefore in the presence of monsters such as Hitler, God can’t be real.

Spanish bullfighting
In the sport the bull will eventually stab to death cruelly by the bullfighter called the Matador. It is said that the total number of people watching bullfights in Spain reaches one million every year. The sport is gruesome and barbaric, it should be banned. If nothing happens to the sport, then either we are not all-powerful to stop it or most people just don’t care about it. Therefore if God exists but didn’t prevent the holocaust, either God isn’t all powerful he lied about it in the book. Or he wasn’t merciful enough to take care of the poor victims. Otherwise how could God exist.

If God exists, he will certainly be wise enough to mercifully help anybody regardless of their faiths. If there isn’t any help from God, then it is either God is not merciful or he is fake. For God to be real he is impossible to be crueler than us to not help anybody from hurting each other. This is contradictory to the character of an all merciful creator. Therefore there is only one possibility left, that is God is as fake as Santa Claus and he doesn’t exist.

This is how we disprove the existence of God in layman’s terms. Do you understand why giving freewill to anybody to sin is absurd and hilarious? We hope all creationists especially Christians understand this well enough and stop practicing nonsense. They should spend more time to approach the question of life more rationally. That way creationists won’t be anxiously sharing with others about things they don’t even understand at all?

You quote “God didn’t want to intervene in Hitler’s life, nor did he want to force Hitler to obey him. “

For the sake of argument, let’s assume God is real, and the above statement is true. Therefore God will never intervene in anybody’s life including Christians and any other creationists. Also he couldn’t be bothered to answer any prayers at all, because that‘s intervention which is against his will. Moreover, God certainly wouldn’t send any prophet to guide us since he didn’t want to intervene in our business. There won’t be any judgement day. Because if God didn’t want to intervene in the affairs of bad people, then he wouldn’t care to punish the people whom he’d allowed to sin from the beginning. Also all holy books/Bible have nothing to do with God in whatsoever name. Because if God doesn’t care to intervene in our lives, he wouldn’t care to guide us with his words.

However, contradictory all the holy books of creationism confirm that the creator will punish the sinners in judgement day. This contradicts with the intention of the God who doesn’t want to intervene in our lives. Somebody lies about it. If your loved ones were to be sent to the gas chamber by Nazis. What would you do? Would you give freewill to them to die if you are all-powerful to save them? Surely you would immediately intervene to stop Nazis and Hitler to save those you care so much. But the God whom you believe is all-wise, all powerful and all merciful couldn’t be bothered to do anything that you wouldn’t hesitate to do? How ironic of that.

You have proven yourself to be better, wiser and more merciful than the God whom you worship to. If God exists he should worship you instead of the other way around. Also it proves that you love your loved ones more than God loves them. By now, you should understand when we assume God exists, all the explanations about God from religious point of views become hilarious and absurd. None of it makes any sense at all. But when God is assumed fake, everything becomes logical. In case one hasn’t noticed yet, to believe God didn’t want to intervene in Hitler’s insane activities is equal to deny the existence of an all merciful God.

You quote “By doing so, it would be unfair to Hitler.”

If it was unfair to force Hitler to obey God? Then it is even worse than unfair for the Jews to be gassed by Hitler. Do you think it makes sense for cops not to stop criminals because it is unfair to force them to obey the laws? If your answer is no, then you are wiser than the God whom you worship to. And you don’t really believe in God. Seriously if creationism isn’t dangerous at all, it’ll make good jokes.

You quote “Besides, God didn’t want Hitler to live like a robot.”

This is absurd, if God exists and this is true, then all the Jews killed by Hitler should blame God. Because God was guilty for given Hitler the freewill to gas 6 millions of Jews instead of created him as a robot in the first place. Besides, which one is more important to you? To let Hitler live like a robot or to let him killed 6 millions of Jews? If God is as wise as the book claims, surely he would understand killing is the worst and nobody would be allowed to commit any. Also he won’t be hesitating to transform Hitler into a robot.

Wouldn’t it be great if Hitler was a robot and all we had to do was to shut down his power source and the death tolls of World War II should have been greatly reduced. Besides, will you give your own children the freewill to gas their own brothers and sisters just because you won’t want any of them to live like robot? If you won’t, once again you’ve proven yourself to be far more wiser and humane than the God whom you worship to. Congratulations, if God exists he will worship you soon.


If God does exist, he must be all-powerful, all-knowing, all wise, all merciful and omnipresent. None of the characters should be contradictory to each other. However base on your own logic, if God did give Hitler the freewill to massacre the Jews? Then the God whom you worship isn’t merciful at all but indeed cold-blooded and insane. Since this is contradictory to the characters of an all merciful creator, therefore it is impossible for God to exist for not being able to behave as he should be. In layman’s terms, God is proven impossible to exist.

For those who wonder what if we are wrong. By the same token, ask yourself what if you are wrong too? What if excrements are tasty? What if 1 plus 1 isn’t 2? What if it’s righteous for parents to give killers the freewill to kill their own children? If you knew the answer well then there is no reason to doubt us. Besides, can you prove us wrong? If you can’t, base on what we could be wrong about the holy books and your faiths?

Talk is cheap we don’t want anybody to believe in us blindly. We want them to be convinced by our rational analyses instead of what we believe. Because if anybody isn’t capable to reason logically, then they will be fooled by impostors and liars elsewhere. This is sad and extremely dangerous.

Please don’t forget to share this with others particularly Christians. Help them to understand why believing in God is foolish and will lead them to terrible consequences when they take it too seriously.


Posted March 27, 2012 by Logic

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