Holy Or Horrible ?
How can wars be holy when people are brutally killing each other? This isn’t holy but horrific. If wars and killing are holy, then excrement can be tasty.

Because the attacks were holy war. It is sacred for believers to practice such a religious duty.


Obviously you are a true believer. If you haven’t read how we’d debunked Creationism here, do it later. We’ll prove to you why creator or God is impossible to exist. As soon as you understand why God is a hoax, you wouldn’t need any holy book to comfort yourself anymore.

For holy book that encourages believers to practice violence against infidels are the least holy nor peaceful. It is indeed the opposite of peace. If you have the rights to kill others, so do others have the same and equal rights to kill you too.

Furthermore if you won’t let your children kill each other over anything, neither will God if he does exist. Unless you are wiser than him. Therefore if God exists and he loves everybody, he wouldn’t be hiding himself behind the cloud watching his people killing each other over the discrepancies of his words. Nor would he wish any of his believers to wage wars against anybody particularly the nonbelievers. The absence of God reveals everything about the nonsensical faith.

The wishful thinking of the believers

Some apologists creatively explain the reason why God is not helping the believers from the invasions of infidels is because those people aren’t practicing according to the holy book anymore. They actually believe that was why God had to let his believers fighting helplessly against the nonbelievers.

Contradictorily, the nonbelievers who don’t even practice the holy book at all are always stronger and more successful in everything than those who at least practice a little. Just compare Japan and Afghanistan, you’ll understand why. In other words, base on the wishful thinking of believers, they have unintentionally agreed that the holy book fails to guide the believers.

Besides, will you let your children murdered by others just because they don’t listen to you anymore? Of course not. If only you are all powerful and all wise, you will do everything to protect your children from anything. Also you should know precisely how to educate them to avoid any one of them to disobey or offend you. Too bad, no matter how hard the apologists struggle to make themselves feel better, God will remain as delusive as ever.


Hypocritical Demonstration
War brings destruction, deaths and miseries. It could happen to any one of us. Therefore if you don’t want it to happen to you nor your loved ones don’t condone any. Ironically those who protest against wars in the name of peace are often the same persons who condone holy wars against the non believers. Because how often do you see them protesting against their own people in the streets over terrorism? If they do support world peace then they should treat all violence in the same manner.

It’s sad to know that the histories of mankind were violently contaminated by creationism. In the past, most people used to believe that the earth is actually flat until they were proven wrong. This is to prove that just because so many people believe in God, yet it won’t make it factual.

The fact is, truth doesn’t rely on the numbers of believers, but it entirely depends on logical analyses and scientific experiments. No doubt about it, science may not be telling the whole truth, but at least it’s more trustworthy than dogmas. Because it allows changes and new findings from time to time. Whereas dogmatic faiths are doing the opposite of it. That will explain why certain people will die to kill in the name of God. Because they have to rely on violence to keep the faith alive.

Being rational won’t hurt, but not the opposite of it. This is true in all suicide bombing incidences. In war, little kids and babies were killed helplessly. If you don’t want that to happen to your loved ones, please help us to stop the violence. To do that everybody must train themselves to be rational in everything. By praising your faith and condemning terrorism acts is no difference than taking drug and fighting it at the same time. It’s hypocritical and foolish.

Only good teachings which are absolutely peaceful, freed from all sorts of dogmas, zero violence are eligible to spread worldwide. Why do certain believers restrict others from examining and criticizing their faith if it is as peaceful as they claim? Why should anybody respect any belief that restricts criticism? Only evil ideology and false belief will refrain anybody from examining the faith with logic. Because they knew this will shatter the belief system.

If God exists, surely he knew very well how to make his words so clear that none of us could argue over it. Therefore if you trust your God, you should welcome everybody to examine it. Prove that you are wise and peaceful instead of ranting baselessly. Stop fooling yourself with things that everybody already knew so well. Why make us laugh when we already have had enough from terrorism acts.


Posted March 25, 2012 by Logic

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