And The Winner Goes To …
If you think you’re superior and so special that you have the rights to kill others. So do they. The question is who is more powerful?

Because the American soldiers were killing their people and families else where, therefore they had every reason to retaliate.


We assume you aren’t a creationist. But if you do, please read everything in Creationism. This is to make sure you understand why it’s impossible for a creator or God to exist.

In case if you do strongly support terrorism act in retaliation against any countries which your believe have caused harms to yours. Then it shows either your holy book encourages violence practices against the non believers and it makes your faith as dangerous as any satanic cults. Or you don’t practice according to the teachings.

The logic is so simple, if your book is perfectly peaceful and absolutely righteous, then nobody is capable to twist nor misinterpret it differently. Will anybody misinterpret the taste of excrement as something finger licking good? Surely not, therefore if your book really teaches love and compassion then none or whatsoever violence verses should ever appear there in the first place.

Otherwise when a book is teaching peacefulness and vengeance at the same time. It’s like having Hitler teaching killing and love. Please read your book well before you make any claims.

If you still condemning terrorism acts because you believe none of the hijackers were practicing according to the scriptures, then you should be the one who is protesting against terrorists in the streets just as vigorous as those who acted violently over the Danish cartoons. Whether the terrorists are practicing strictly according to the book or not, refer to your own scriptures but never base on wishful thinking to deny.

Rights Of The Innocents
Should these people seek revenge on the 19 hijackers’ families and their own people too? Because most of the victims had nothing to do with the conflicts and shouldn’t be the target at all. If you have the rights to kill them, so do they have the same and equal rights to kill you too. There is nothing so special about you nor your people. We are all the same.

How vengeance destroys mankind.

Assuming it was true that the American invaded your land and killed many civilians there. Did the 19 hijackers have the rights to retaliate by killing more innocents? The answer is no. Because vengeance won’t solve any problems but making things even more worse than it already is.

If what you believe is true, since not all the victims in the buildings were related to the killings of your own people. Therefore base on your own logic, all the family members of the dead victims in the 9/11 attacks should seek revenge on the family members of the 19 terrorists. If you have the rights to kill in the name of revenge, so do others.

But the trouble is, in the process of retaliation more and more innocent people will get involved inevitably. Eventually your loved ones and the whole world’s population will contribute to the death tolls. The human race will be completely wiped out from the surface of our planet and extinct like dinosaurs. Do you agree why vengeance is dangerous to mankind and yourself. It doesn’t help to solve any problems at all but raises more.


An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. This is true. Vengeance is as dangerous as contagious disease. It spreads rapidly among the people who share the same faith and hatred, until it creeps deeper into their minds and completely destroys them just like the 19 hijackers. If your book justifies hatred and vengeance, your conscience should awake you from the delusions.

To make things easy for yourself, we suggest you to explore here until you fully understood why it’s impossible for a creator to exist. This should stop yourself from making more lame excuses to hate and do harms onto others in the name of any God.

False teachings are the greatest sickness of mankind. From the histories, we’ve learned how false teachings were used by maniacs to manipulate ignorant people to do evils. Today the world is more aware of environmentalism than the threat of false teachings particularly creationism. If only everybody reads everything posted here for once in their entire lives, then they will be permanently immune to all sorts of dogmatic teachings. Isn’t that worth spending time for? Our civilization will only be guaranteed when all of us no longer require any God to fool ourselves anymore. Otherwise, the days human used to wear leaves and fight with stones will arrive sooner than anybody could possibly imagine.


Posted March 25, 2012 by Logic

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