Contentious Evidence
In the absence of logical analyses, what you see may or may not be true. You need both to construct evidence. Therefore it’s always wise to doubt and to ponder on everything. Doing anything lesser than that could be dangerous sometimes. Because what separates impossible from improbable is evidence but never wishful thinking nor rules of thumb.

We are not sure about life after death nor do we know anything about supernatural. They all seem improbable.


Most atheists deny afterlife and supernatural. However skeptics regard them as something improbable. It’s the habit for atheists to deny what they normally don’t know. On the other hand, skeptics who prefer to doubt everything instead of plain denials are considerably more sensible than the former. We aren’t sure which category are you?

Baseless denials are as dangerous as dogmas. Base on what the atheists believe everything by default is nothingness? Please return to the previous page to understand why it is impossible for life to be nothingness by default. Either you seldom ponder on the topics or nobody ever told you anything like this before. We suggest you dwell deeper.


We all are born with the abilities to doubt and to reason. The only difference is some are doing more than others. They are considered intelligent.

There is nothing wrong to doubt anything we don’t know. However don’t just stop there. If you think you are doubting reasonably, just use the same skill to prove and disprove.

The world has had enough of nonsense from creationists who live during the dark ages and those who practice terrorism to kill in the name of God. We urge atheists stop denying baselessly particularly about subjects they don’t even understand at all. Denial without wisdom will kill the mind. Try to reason more, and enjoy the changes it may bring.


Posted March 25, 2012 by Logic

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