Ghost Adventures (strongly recommended for all atheists and skeptics)
This is a weekly American paranormal documentary television programs whereby ghost hunters Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin investigate locations that are reported to be haunted. We highly recommend atheists and skeptics to watch the shows. Simply because the hosts have done a remarkable job in filming paranormal activities. For those who have doubts on them, please travel to the haunted locations and spend a night there alone to experience yourself whether paranormal is a hoax or something that scientists are yet to explore. Anyway the existence of ghosts doesn’t make God real, because we can prove why God is a hoax here.

Yes we believe there isn’t life after death. After we die everything ends and nothing will happen, it is like switching off the light before we go to bed at night. There are no such thing as ghosts, souls nor spirits. It is unscientific and superstitious to believe these things are real.


You quote “Yes we believe there isn’t life after death. After we die everything ends and nothing will happen, it is like switching off the light before we go to bed at night.“

Base on your own logic, after the 19 terrorists flew planes into building, killed nearly 3000 lives including themselves and yet nothing bad nor good did happen to any of them. To the terrorists it was like switching off the light and went to bed at night and none of them should responsible for what they did.

If you really believe this is true, was it fair to the innocent victims? This is dangerous when evil persons believe they don’t have to be responsible for their own actions after they die. Because those who don’t believe in after life will have more excuses to indulge in crimes. This will indirectly encourage more evil persons to commit more violent acts.

As for terrorists who believe by killing innocents will guarantee them a better after life. This is a terrible mistake. Since we have disproved any existence of creator in “Creationism“, we won’t want to bore readers here. Therefore as long as God doesn’t exist, the after life promises in the holy book of terrorists becomes a hoax.

At least to the terrorists they’ve got the vengeance which they wanted most. Do you think it was fair to the innocent 3000 victims if nothing happened to these terrorists after they died? Of course not, because it doesn’t make any sense at all.

This is equal to murderers who don’t have to responsible for the crimes because nothing will happen to them. For those who don’t think killing anybody is righteous, might as well don’t attempt any. As for those who can’t resist the temptations of killing the enemies will commit it by all means. Will you condemn such an act if you don’t believe in the responsibility of after death? Think about it.

Therefore in order to make sense, logically all the dead terrorists should be paying for what they did to the innocent people. This is to support the theory of life after death. Since we have proven God doesn’t exist in “Creationism“, we don’t intend to repeat the same thing here again.

Just rule out the possibility of any God, creator or Judgement Day associate with the punishments of the terrorists. Regarding what will happen to the hijackers, please refer to “Belief”. We will discuss further about it there. The main purpose of here is to apply the tragic event of 9/11 terrorist attacks to prove to atheists that life after death is logical. However you are reminded not to confuse the version of afterlife in creationism and ours. Both are not the same.

Salute to the innocent 343 heroes 

In the tragedy of 9/11 attacks, there were 343 firefighters sacrificed their precious lives to save the innocents on that same morning. If what you believe is true, then all the firefighters gained nothing after they died. But leaving behind all the sorrows for their parents, siblings, friends and loved ones. How could this be true when it was totally unfair to all of them?

If you disagree with terrorism acts, you would surely praise what the 343 firefighters did. But at the same time since you don’t believe in life after death and nothing will happen to the deaths, then the sacrifices of these heroes became meaningless. How could this be fair and factual to the 343 brave souls? How could anybody believe the good guys are ended up the same way as the bad guys? This is contradictory to common sense.

When atheism is true, there isn’t any logic to support the fact for anybody to save anybody anymore. For those who don’t think it worth risking their lives to save anybody but probably raises more problems to their loved ones will back off. Who are you to think they’re wrong when they only want to protect themselves?

However in reality, there are always great people who don’t care about anything. These brave souls will do anything to save anybody not because they expect anything in return. But because they’re compelled to do so. This may sound good but still it doesn’t explain why it’s logical to practice.

If you believe we shouldn’t expect anything in return. We praise and salute such a pure intention. However it doesn’t explain the fairness of the motive when we compare the 343 firefighters and 19 terrorists. Both sides are absolutely different in terms of motives but they all ended up the same way eventually. Common sense tells us this is unfair. Something is wrong somewhere.

Base on the logic of fairness we deduce that life doesn’t end after death and the deaths will still have to be responsible for what they did in the past. If you disagree, please write in for a debate. But before that you are advised to read thoroughly everything we’ve posted here, in order not to make us repeat ourselves. Otherwise you won’t be attended to.

Why the after life version of creationism is different from ours? 

Because we’ve proven God doesn’t exist in “Creationism”, therefore how can the holly books tell the truth about after life. It is also totally meaningless for anybody to quote from the Bible or any holly book to support their claims. Here are the reasons;

– God doesn’t exist, therefore he can’t be punishing anybody. All the holly books are wrong about many things including after life.

– Our lives do continue after we die, and each one of us will still have to be responsible for our own actions. The same goes to Jesus even if his spirit is still haunting the believers.

You quote “There are no such thing as ghosts, souls nor spirits. It is unscientific and superstitious to believe these things are real.”

This is a very common atheistic statement. Although we can’t provide experimental evidences to prove the existence of ghosts. However we’ll prove in layman’s terms that it is illogical to deny their existences. Simply because life doesn’t end after death. Therefore the existence of ghost becomes possible.

For the sake of discussion of ghosts, it’s important to define it’s terminology first. Ghosts can be defined as the disembodied spirit or soul of a deceased person, although in popular usage the term refers only to the apparition of such a person. Often it’s described as immaterial and partly transparent. Ghosts are reported haunting particular locations or people that they were associated with in life or at time of death.

If we scrutinize the reasons why atheists don’t believe in ghosts. The answers are either ghosts are not real or because these people haven’t experienced one yet. Since ghost sightings have been reported all over the world. If atheists really care about truth, they should start ghost investigations by visiting haunted places themselves.

Besides why are those who have had supernatural experiences were delusional whereas those who haven’t encountered one yet must be rational? Does it make any sense for those who have seen strange phenomenon but must believe in those who haven’t experience it yet? The answer of “Yes” is as affirmative as “No”. Rational people will only agree or deny when they’re capable to provide logical explanations to support or debunk.

For further evidences about ghosts, please refer to the famous TV documentary programmes “Ghost Adventures”. The hosts of the show filming the paranormal activities inside the most haunted places. They did it by locking themselves down there for one whole night. If you think the pictures and videos from the shows are fake, then we suggest you to go to the same locations and do the same thing as what they did before. If you really believe there are no ghosts? You shouldn’t have any reason not to do so. Because it helps to disprove the existence of ghosts. Otherwise who are you to deny supernatural when you can’t even provide a substantial evidence to support your claim? And what is the difference between you who deny baselessly and the religious zealots who deny scientific evidences? If you think what you believe is true, prove it instead of believing it. Just remember to film your entire stay at the haunted site.

So far there are more evidences especially from documentary programmes on TV to support the existence of paranormal activities than the atheistic beliefs who fail to provide anything but baseless denials. Hence, the truth should at least more favourable to the existence of supernatural beings. We don’t see any reasons why it is unscientific and superstitious to believe in these things just because our technologies are yet far too primitive to explore them. As a matter of fact it’s the atheists who are unscientifically making baseless denials in something which they can’t prove nor disprove.

We dare to challenge all creationists because we’re capable to produce simple arguments to support why God is impossible to exist. But we recognize supernatural. Therefore before anybody is capable to disprove what others have discovered about ghosts in videos and audios, we suggest them to keep an open mind until they know more about it. Nobody should think the subject is unscientific and superstitious. Remember this, it makes no difference between those who deny ignorantly and those who believe baselessly. That goes to all the world renowned scientists as well as the religious extremists. Prove it instead of believing it.

The weaknesses of atheism in no after life and no rebirth

According to atheists everything by default should be in the state of absolute nothingness. They believe we were absolutely nothing before we were born. And after we die we will return to absolute nothingness again. Since we have proven why our lives don’t end after death, the same goes with this one.

However, many atheists ague that we shouldn’t believe anything we can’t see with our own eyes. This is not completely true, before anybody capable to prove or disprove anything, don’t deny anything nor should they blindly listen to others.

Many atheists became creationists overnight because they’d experienced supernatural which they mistaken as God. But none of them could explain why God couldn’t do the same thing publicly to gain more believers. Do you understand why it is never wise to deny things without proper understanding? Do you agree being ignorant is not a bliss? The bottom line is, doubt everything and leave the topic open until you’re capable to produce stronger evidence to support your claims.

The disbelief of after life endorses crimes

If it is true that life ends after death and nothing will happen afterwards. Then why should we do good and why shouldn’t we do evil? They all end up the same way with the same result. When atheism is true, all the atheistic criminals will do all sorts of evil things including killing, raping, looting and selling drugs. Before these thugs are arrested, they may try to bride the cops or plan for an escape. In case none of their attempts succeed, they might as well kill themselves. That way they don’t have to face any trails and their sufferings will be gone forever. Does it make any sense to you?

This is definitely silly and dangerous, because such the disbelief of after life encourages more crimes. Why not? If everything ends after death, no one is to be responsible for whatever things they’ve done in the past, there is no harm for them to try their fortunes according to their wills. Base on the atheistic logic, there is no need to do good nor evil. Therefore all the natural born decent, good and kindhearted atheists will behave just the same way they always be.  As for the atheistic thugs, they will commit all sorts of crimes wholeheartedly. Imagine what will our world become when atheism is true. Would you want this to happen? Of course not. This is to prove that atheism is as dangerous as creationism and it certainly doesn’t make any sense at all when we assume they are true.

What will atheistic drug dealers do if they believe they don’t have to be responsible for what they’ve done after they die?

For atheistic drug dealers who know God doesn’t exist but just don’t believe in after life. They will also believe that they don’t have to be responsible for any crimes they commit after they die. To them, the most important thing in life is to get filthy rich just to fulfil personal lusts and greed. In other words, atheism encourages drug dealers to indulge in more crimes.

Ask yourself if atheism is true, why is it wrong for the drug dealers to do evils when after they die nothing bad nor good will happen to them? Why is it wrong for them to do evils just to get what they want? Does it make any sense to you? Of course not. Who are you to condemn these people if you can’t disprove their evil minds?

When we assume atheism is true, it fails to explain everything satisfactorily. Therefore undeniably atheism is false and can be very dangerous sometimes. It fails to convince others to follow the right path. It fails to distinguish good from evil. It is truly as dangerous as those who believe killing in the name of God is holly and righteous.

Why do atheists (especially those who strongly disbelieve in after life) are more likely to commit suicide?

This is a very serious topic. There were many reports about parents who faced serious problems about life killing their own children and committed suicide. This is one of the main reasons why we’re here to warn the world about how atheism will lead certain people to commit suicide.

If you think you love your children so much and you would never do anything bad to hurt them. So did the parents who committed suicide. They had good times before and definitely loved their children too, that was why these parents thought by killing their own children was the best solution to save them from all sorts of sorrows. The point is these people didn’t have to commit suicide if they believed their situations weren’t hopeless.

LOGIC – The Magnifying Glass of Truth
To question rationally is always encouraging whereas on the other hand to deny baselessly is as ignorant as religious fanatics who are so afraid of truth and reality. Yes and no are both affirmative answers. Do not deny anything before you know how to prove or disprove.

Life could be very challenging, it is full of ups and downs. There is no guarantee what will happen to us the next minute. Therefore the right understanding about life is crucial to everybody.

We may or may not know how we came into existence. But at least we’re capable to prove atheism and creationism are both equally false and are extremely dangerous to certain people. Because if life ends after death, everything ends including sufferings therefore there isn’t any responsibility for anybody to worry about. If this is true, why it is wrong to commit suicide? Who are you to condemn those who committed suicide are foolish and wrong when you believe they have already ended all the sufferings permanently?

However we all know this isn’t true, because under normal circumstances nobody will be sick enough to support anybody to kill themselves. To commit suicide is not the solution to the problems, in fact it could be the beginning of another nightmare. Since we have proven why life continues after death, therefore those who had killed themselves should know how it feels by now. How could people believe by committing suicide will free themselves from all sort of pains when it is terribly wrong? So if you condemn suicide, you should condemn atheism too. Please share this with everybody you know. In case if you disagree with us, write in to prove us wrong.


Atheism is as dangerous as creationism, both are terribly wrong perceptions about life. Both will cause tremendous harms to mankind under the influence of evil people. If only everybody is smart enough to distinguish between madness and kindness, we should be living is an absolute peaceful world by now.

For those who believe the truth of the universe is either atheism or creationism should find their explanations contradictory no matter how they struggle to bend the facts. There could be many explanations about our existence, but definitely creationism is the furthest from the truth. Neither does atheism.

Undeniably our modern science derives from our own primitive and limited knowledge, there is still too much for mankind to explore yet. Nevertheless science is evolving from time to time to adapt to reality and new discoveries. Whereas creationism which feeds on dogmas, remains as nonsensical as it is since day one.

When somebody disproves science, his or her life won’t be threatened by science freak. Whereas things will be different in creationism. Religious motivated terrorists have already proven to the world that they are so close minded that they will kill those who intend to make them slightly smarter by disproving their faith.


Posted March 25, 2012 by Logic

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