Agnosticism – The Legacy Of Creationism
It is the perceptions of confused people who believe they are created by something worse than them. Because they believe God exists and he allows crimes in this world which are strictly prohibited by them.

Technically Agnosticism means the existence of God or any creator in whatsoever names is unknown and unknowable owing to the limitation of the knowledge of mankind.

In other words, agnostics are merely a group of confused people who are sick and tired of Abrahamic religions but just can’t quit the habit of believing in God. They either have no interest in finding out why God is as fictitious as Santa Claus or they just don’t know why such a magical character doesn’t exist.

Besides if it is impossible for human to understand God because of our limitation of knowledge then how can we know if God exists since we can’t understand him. How can anybody believes something he or she doesn’t understand? This is as silly as strongly believing in a flying spaghetti because there is no way for anybody to understand it.

To us agnostics are no different than creationists. Because all of them believe in God and won’t hesitate to switch faith among each other from time to time. The truth is as long as these people fail to grasp the logic of disproving God, they will continue to drift between two ideologies.

No doubt, the numbers of those who believe in God are changing yearly. However for sure there are more than half of the world’s population who share the same sickness and are constantly spreading and posing threat to our civilizations. Maybe it’s true smart people are always the minority.


Assuming that all the holy books are wrong about God. And you believe God created the big bang and also he started the evolution process of all species. If this is true, then you must also explain why God didn’t stop Hitler and the rest of the trouble makers like terrorists, drug dealers, killers, child molesters and many more. Why God gave us the freewill to mess up the world when none of us will ever allow anybody to do that? This is Deism and it means we are better, wiser and far more humane than God. Therefore how can something dumber than us to create something smarter than him if it isn’t a nonsense.

The logic is so simple, if none of the world event could explain God satisfactory, he doesn’t exist. Besides, if God exists and he created such a messy and stupid world. Then he must be blamed and none of us should respect nor worship him. We should in fact constantly cursing and bashing and protesting against him in the street the same way we did against certain politicians. Why do people worship something worse than them? This is foolish and absolutely have nothing to do with wise nor holy.


Therefore if you could line up all the people in the world according to intelligence with the smartest in front and all the creationists at the other end. Then you will notice that agnostics are just slightly ahead of creationists. Don’t envy us, you could join us in front if you know how to disprove God. Just help us to awaken the creationists especially those who never get bored of killing each other at the far end.


Posted March 22, 2012 by Logic

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